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Known as Kentucky Fried Chicken before it was re-branded in the mid-1990s, the KFC franchise represents a prominent milestone in Americana Group’s history. The opening of the first KFC outlet in Kuwait in 1973 not only gave KFC its debut in the Middle East, but also marked Americana Group’s second major foray into the global franchise business. In the years that followed, Americana Group rapidly expanded the brand’s presence across the Middle East and North Africa region, bringing millions of diners in the region a taste of KFC’s secret recipe, featuring Colonel Sander’s unique blend of 11 herbs and spices.

Together with KFC, Americana Group not only introduced the MENA region to a wholly new way of enjoying chicken, but also to the concept of chain restaurants that provide an unmatched experience which the whole family can enjoy. KFC’s unique concept proved just as popular in the MENA region as it was throughout the world, and soon became Americana Group’s fastest growing chain with more than 650 restaurants in 11 countries.
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